School Programs

Learning is a trip!

Educational programs are tailored for students in grades K5-12, providing an up-close encounter with the past. Education staff and trained docents take students on a journey through our history. Programs align with South Carolina Social Studies standards. The following Time Travel programs are suggested for the grades listed but are able to be adjusted for your class needs.

Each program consists of two parts:

  • The History Lab provides hands-on experiences that explore historical topics.
  • The Exhibit encourages students to investigate oral histories, artifacts, and primary sources.






Special educational programming will accompany the Museum’s temporary exhibits during the 2018-2019 Academic Year.



Answering the Call: From Recruit to the Front Lines of WWI

This artifact-rich exhibit will present an overview of the influence “the Great War” had on the course of history, as well as some of the notable advancements made to the modern world as result. Your students will gain an understanding of the everyday life of the American Doughboy, as well as the roles played by African Americans and women during the “war to end all wars.”  AUGUST 25, 2018 – JUNE 2, 2019




Mac Conner: The Original Mad Man

Between 1940 and 1960, before advancements in print technology and the proliferation of photography, ad companies relied on illustrators, “Ad Men,” to give their brands a visual identity. Ad Men to Mad Men: The Art of Influence invites visitors to the explore the 1960s and experience America’s “creative revolution” through two innovative exhibitions: The Original Mad Man and Mad Men Fashion: Costumes from the Mad Men Television Series.  FEBRUARY 9 – MAY 12, 2019





Jerry Pinkney: Imaginings

Explore writer illustrator Jerry Pinkney’s connection with literature and his creation of images that brings life to a story. Organized by the Norman Rockwell Museum, Jerry Pinkney: Imaginings explores the artist’s engagement with literature, his legacy of creating powerful images, the joy of reading and sharing stories, and even enjoy playing in the companion interactive exhibit designed for children.  FEBRUARY 23 – MAY 26, 2019









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To schedule a visit, please contact Kristen Pace.
Call: 864-467-3100 x118
Email: kristen@upcountryhistory.org

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