Oral Histories

Oral history is a conversation that connects the past and present. The Upcountry is a different region than it was in 1940. The Upcountry Oral History Program is dedicated to sharing and preserving the stories from people of this region whose daily lives reflect these broader historical changes.

In 2002 the museum began recording oral history interviews. These projects have focused on Greenville’s textile history, civil rights protests, and the effects of World War II on the region.

Our main focus right now is on building an accessible collection of the stories of Vietnam War as well as veterans from the Korean War. We are also doing work on neighborhoods that have changed as a result of development and are gearing up to interview many folks about Greenville’s mill villages.

You can listen to clips from some of our interviews at our SoundCloud website: http://soundcloud.com/upcountryoralhistory . To learn more about being interviewed, learn more about the program, or to suggest an idea for a person or project, please contact the Interim Curator of Oral History, Paula Valls, at paula@upcountryhistory.org or call (864)467-3100 x 107.