High Noon Lecture Series

All lectures begin at noon on Wednesdays and last one hour. The Upcountry History Museum-Furman University is located at 540 Buncombe Street in downtown Greenville’s Heritage Green area (near the Greenville County Main Library and Greenville Little Theatre). For more information, contact Furman’s Marketing and Public Relations office at 864-294-3107 or e-mail Vince Moore at vince.moore@furman.edu.

March 22
“Doing Our Bit: Greenville in the Great War (WWI)”

Dr. Courtney Tollison, Assistant Professor of History, Furman University
From the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914, and especially after the United States’ entry into the war in April 1917, Greenvillians gave their time, energy, and sometimes their lives, to the war effort. While World War I brought social and economic progress to the area, it fell short of what could have been accomplished during this time of national and international upheaval.  Dr. Tollison will discuss local involvement in the war, and the ways it impacted Greenville.

March 29
“A More Perfect Union: Race in American History”

Dr. David Shi, Professor of History and President Emeritus, Furman University
Award-winning historian David Shi, who served as Furman’s president from 1994 to 2010, will provide an overview of the vexing and volatile history of race in the American experience: how it has been defined, abused, embraced and overcome.

April 5
“The First 76 Days: A Look at the Trump Presidency”

Dr. Brent Nelsen, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Furman University
After a brief examination of what has transpired to date, Professor Nelsen will open the floor to a broad-ranging discussion about the first tumultuous weeks of the Trump presidency. Come with your questions and comments.

April 12
“Media in the Age of Trump”

Jessica Taylor, Lead Digital Political Reporter, National Public Radio
President Donald Trump has called the media “the most dishonest people on the earth” and the “enemy of the American people.” Chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon described the media as “the opposition party” and said it should “keep its mouth shut.” NPR reporter and Furman alum Jessica Taylor, who is based in Washington, D.C., will talk about the political climate in the nation’s capital and what it’s like to be a member of the Fourth Estate during the Trump presidency.