Lunchbox Learning

Spend your lunchtime at the Museum learning about interesting and sometimes unexpected aspects of history. Presentations are held in the Museum’s theater and feature both high quality sound and cinematic video experiences.

 Programs run from 12 Noon – 1:00 PM
Free to members –Regular admission for other guests
Drinks and Dessert Provided

For reservations call the museum at 864-467-3100 or

March 14 ~ The Jazz Age

Presenter: Matthew Storie, Jazz Musician

Jazz in the 1920’s, also known as the Jazz Age, was a time of great innovation and change, both musically and socially. This era nurtured the beginnings of jazz, the style of music that would eventually become known as America’s music. Join Matthew Storie as he discuses the elements of this uniquely American music, and how composers such as Joe “King” Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington, and venues like speakeasies, helped to foster the American Jazz craze.

Upcoming Lunchbox Learning Programs Include:

  • April 10 – Beyond Ryan White: The Story of HIV/AIDS in South Carolina (Presented in partnership with AID Upstate)
  • June 13 – No Ordinary Soldier (Presented by: Liz Gilmore Williams)
  • July 18 – Remembering Old Hickory: The 30th Division, From Camp Sevier to the Hindenburg Line (Presented by: Don Koonce)
  • August 15 – Red Riding Hood Through the Ages (Presented by: Kathryn Smith)
  • September 19 – The Vietnam War Through Film Footage (Presented by: Dr. Greg Wilsbacher, MIRC, USC)
  • November 14 – A Taste of Home (Presented by: Charles Davis)

Please note, the “No Ordinary Soldier” Program has been rescheduled for June 13

Presenter: Liz Gilmore Williams, author

Thirty-three years after her father’s death, Liz Williams delves into his letters and photos from World War II, seeking to solve a mystery: What caused his terrifying rages? She wonders if the war planted a fuse in her dad’s head, sparking his explosions. The letters led her to a spellbinding exploration of Hawaii’s transformation from island paradise to war zone, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and her father’s combat duty on additional Pacific battlegrounds. Amid her quest, Liz stumbles upon a shocking family secret that the letters also imply: Her father had waged two wars―one of them with himself. Some wars are waged in secret.

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