Weekly Camp Themes

July 7-10: Upcountry History

Discover the history and geography of South Carolina’s Upcountry as we explore our textile mill history, African American history, and learn about famous South Carolinians from our past. Hands-on activities include creating a relief map of the state, planting take-home crops and more.


July 14-17: The History of Art

For our Art-themed camp, children will explore watercolor, weaving, and dyes. Color symbolism, pottery, and animation will round out the lessons. Children will create their own masterpieces while learning the history behind varied art techniques, as well as the artists that used them.


July 21-24: Military History

Explore the events that led up to the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War II, and the Vietnam War, as well as the pivotal battles and figures that led to very different outcomes in each war. Children will discover how to be a war-time spy, handle handle actual war artifacts, see what kind of care packages Civil War soldiers would have received from their loved ones, and learn about long lasting impact that comes with war.


August 4-7: Cherokee, Catawba & First Settlers

Travel back to the time of the Upcountry’s indigenous people while unearthing the connection between archaeology and history with our mini “archaeology dig” that will allow children to uncover artifacts left behind by Native Americans and early settlers. Children will create a 13-moon calendar, red clay pottery and construct a model ship similar to those that transported settlers.


August 11-14: Behind the Scenes: Museums

Discover how museums and their exhibits are created! Children will receive an exclusive behind the scenes look at museum collections, learn how artifacts are collected from the community, and how artifacts are selected for exhibitions. Children will learn the various facets of museum jobs and roles, create their own exhibitions, and create commercials and marketing materials to promote their exhibits.  Click here to register.