2022 UHM Dinosaur Camps

Sign up your dinosaur enthusiast and allow them the opportunity to journey back in time! Children will study the lives of their favorite extinct animals, get hands-on with fossils, explore various biospheres, food chains, and enjoy plenty of play time in Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice.


For more information, click the link below:

2022 UHM Dinosaur Camps – General Information & FAQs



Quick Camp Details:

  • Camps will be divided into two groups (as shown below) based on your child’s age.


  • Weekly Dinosaur Camps will run Tuesday-Friday from 9AM-Noon.


  • The June 2022 Dinosaur Camps will be identical to the July 2022 Dinosaur Camps.


  • So, if your child cannot attend during their age group’s June camp, they will have a second chance to attend the July camp (and vice versa).


  • If you would like to keep siblings in the same age group, please email UHM Education & Program Manager, Kristen Pace, or call (864)467-3100.


  • A 50% discount is available for families registering multiple children from the same household. Use code “CAMP” at checkout.


  • Cost is $150 for UHM Members and $170 for non-members






Select the appropriate age group below and follow the link to register for either the June or July camps.