Traveling Trunks

What’s the next best thing to a Museum field trip? Bringing the Museum to your school!


The Upcountry History Museum offers a Traveling Trunk program for students and teachers!  We offer two themed trunks:

  • Civil War
  • World War II

Intended as a supplemental educational resource and as an outreach program for schools unable to visit the Museum, the Traveling Trunks are a unique opportunity for teachers in all 15 Upcountry counties. Teachers can use the trunks to enhance units of study and engage students in object-based learning. Reserve your Traveling Trunk today!

Traveling Trunk FAQs:

How do I reserve the Traveling Trunk?

What is the cost to bring the Traveling Trunk to my school?

  • $10 per trunk for one week plus shipping and handling. Trunks can be picked-up and dropped-off at the Museum to avoiding the shipping handling fees. For those trunks that are going to be shipped outside of the Upcountry of of SC, an additional weeks rental is required to cover the time the trunk is in transit.

How long can I have the Traveling Trunk at my school?

  • The Traveling Trunk can be reserved for two weeks at a time.

How do I pick up and return the Traveling Trunk?

  • You may either pick up and return the Trunk in person at the Museum, or have it shipped via UPS. The cost of shipping will be the responsibility of the school.

What SC state standards does the Traveling Trunk meet?

  • All Traveling Trunks meet South Carolina Social Studies and Language Arts Standards.

What is included in the Traveling Trunk?

  • See the “What’s in the Trunk” page of the Teacher’s Guide for details.

Can I read the Teacher’s Guide before I bring the Traveling Trunk to my school?

Yes! An edited version of the Teacher’s Guide is available for download here: