Traveling Trunk FAQs

How do I reserve the Traveling Trunk?

What is the cost to bring the Traveling Trunk to my school or home?

  • $35 per trunk for one week plus shipping and handling.
  • Trunks can be picked up and dropped off at the Museum to avoid shipping fees.
  • For those trunks shipping outside the Upcountry of South Carolina, an additional week’s rental is required to cover  the time the trunk is in transit.

How long can I have the Traveling Trunk at my school/home?

  • The Traveling Trunk can be reserved for two weeks at a time.

How do I pick up and return the Traveling Trunk?

  • You may either pick up and return the Trunk in person at the Museum, or have it shipped via UPS.
  • The cost of shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

What SC state standards does the Traveling Trunk meet?

  • All Traveling Trunks meet South Carolina Social Studies and Language Arts Standards.

What is included in the Traveling Trunk?

  • See the “What’s in the Trunk” page of the Teacher’s Guide (below) for details.

Can I read the Teacher’s Guide before I bring the Traveling Trunk to my school?

Yes! An edited version of the Teacher’s Guide is available for download here: