Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Marianne Pierce – Chair, Christopher Cox – Vice Chair, Marian Lucius Bowers – Secretary, Mark Parrott – Treasurer, Caroline Schroder- Past Chair, Sarah Clemmons – At-large Member, Walker C. Smith – At-large Member


Bobby J. Cox, Sara Dadyar, Joseph B. Dill, William Fitzpatrick, Whitney Howell Hanna, Michael Jennings, Christine Lyles, Frank H. McGill, III, Alexander F. McGrath, William Parker, Camilla G. Pitman, Ted Tedards, Richard (Eric) Wall IV, Spencer Weiss, Heather Wheless, Bev Whitten


Kathleen C. McKinney, Mary Peace Sterling*, Alexandra F. Whitley

Ex Officio

Mac McLean – General Counsel, Emilyn C. Sanders – American History Book Club & Forum, Mary Louise Worthy – Cherokee Nation Representative

*In Memory

**Photo represents 2019-2020 Board of Directors**