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Harry Truman:  Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Leader
Monday, January 18th at noon

Harry Truman had no college degree and was derisively called “the man from Pendergast.” His Gallup Poll approval rating in Feb, 1952, was 22%, an historic low.  Yet, in a ranking of American presidents by 20 organizations such as the Wall Street Journal and the Brookings Institute and historians such as Arthur Schlesinger, Harry Truman ranks as high as #5 and no lower than #9 in the lists.   This presentation will discuss the experiences of this ordinary man that led up to his “accidental presidency” and the decisions as President that caused him to be ranked so high.

The speaker will be George Fletcher.  He was born in Independence, MO and his talk will include points where his family touched the Trumans.

George was most recently the at-large representative on Greenville City Council.  Prior to that he was Executive Director of the SC Council on Competitiveness and president of several engineering companies in Greenville.  He has been recognized as the Greenville Business Person of the Year (Greenville Magazine) and SC Engineer of the Year (National Society of Professional Engineers.)


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