School Field Trips

School Field Trips – Learning is a trip!

Educational programs are tailored for students in grades K5-12, providing an up-close encounter with the past. Education staff and trained docents take students on a journey through our history. Programs align with South Carolina Social Studies standards. The following Time Travel programs are suggested for the grades listed but are able to be adjusted for your class needs.

Each program consists of two parts:

  • The History Lab provides hands-on experiences that explore historical topics.
  • The Exhibit encourages students to investigate oral histories, artifacts, and primary sources.

Core Programs

Our Community

Our Community: Then & Now

Investigate artifacts, photographs, and maps illustrating Greenville’s history as we explore how our community has changed with time.

Digging Our History

Digging Our History

Unearth the connection between archaeology and history with a mini “dig” to find artifacts left behind by Native Americans.

Our Stars & Stripes

Our Stars & Stripes

Compare patriots and loyalists during the American Revolution as we learn about the founding of our nation. Learn the history of our flag, important battles and key figures from SC.

Our Ripple Effect

Our Ripple Effect

Explore the history of the Reedy River and how a group of local environmentalists changed the river’s path for the better.

Our Road to Union

Our Road to Union

Analyze the turbulent times of the mid-1800s through artifacts and images.  Identify the social, political, and fiscal concerns of South Carolina in years leading up to the Civil War.

Training our Soldiers: WWII

Training our Soldiers: WWII

Examine artifacts from World War II to learn more about life on the home front.

Civil Rights: Our Protests & Prayers

Civil Rights: Our Protests & Prayers

Discuss the hardships Greenville student activists faced and overcame in their stand against inequality.

The Meaning of Money

Hover Box Element

Explore the changing role of currency throughout American history. Through playful games, students will explore trade and barter, savings and spending, rationing and more.

Current & Upcoming Special Exhibit Related Programs

Framed: Step into Art

February 27 – May 22, 2021

Framed: Step into Art turns famous paintings into life-size experiences.

Salley Mavor: Social Fabric

April 3 – September 11, 2021.

For Salley Mavor, a needle is her tool, thread her medium, and stitches are her marks.

Masters of American Photography

May 1 – August 7, 2021

Examine photography in America through an impressive range of works.

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Call: 864-467-3100 x118
Email: kristen@upcountryhistory.org

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