Semi-Permanent Galleries

First Floor Atrium

The Upcountry’s architectural treasures invite you to step into the past and explore its rich history.

Upcountry Frontier

The Upcountry Frontier introduces the geography of the Upcountry and its early inhabitants, utilizing a fiber-optic interactive map, wall mural, artifacts, and a character figure of frontiersman Richard Pearis.

South Carolina Divided

South Carolinians Divided combines an exhibition area and video theatre centered around the front porch of a rural dwelling of the 1790s. This film features Upcountry settler Mary Logan telling the story of those turbulent times.

Crossroads & Transitions

Crossroads and Transitions takes visitors on a stroll through Greenville in the mid-1850s, featuring facades of hotels, shops, and churches, plus character figures, murals, and four kiosks with interactive computer presentations.

New South: Textile Capital of the World

This exhibition offers a historical view of the New South textile economy through a mill facade, character figures, murals, and object, as well as an interactive doffing station that allows visitors to experience a textile worker’s job.

Reconstruction/Redemption/Agrarian Revolt

Murals and audio recordings examine the struggles of Upcountry residents to rebuild their lives and seize political power in the turbulent years following the Civil War.

Camp Upcountry

Camp Upcountry tells the story of the economic and social contributions of the Upcountry’s military bases through a replica of a canvas field tent, uniforms and artifacts.

Transforming the Upcountry

Transforming the Upcountry examines the remarkable events that redefined he Upcountry after WWII, including the Civil Rights movement and land development through murals, reading rails, and video presentations.