The Amazing Castle

January 25, 2020 – May 10, 2020


The Amazing Castle, an interactive bi-lingual (English and Spanish) exhibition featuring knights, kings, queens and a dragon, will invite visitors to travel back in time to a medieval village filled with opportunities for problem-solving,
storytelling and imaginative play.

King-sized learning adventures abound in the child-sized fortress. As they move through the 2,000 square foot medieval community, visitors become inhabitants of the castle village playfully exploring the interconnectedness of community members in a setting inspired by fantasy and history.

Designed specifically for children ages 2 to 10 and their caregivers, the exhibit focuses on literacy, inspiring imagination and supporting tangible life lessons: Share, Have Respect, Help Others, Work Together, Be Responsible, and
Believe in Yourself to help young children navigate their world and succeed in their own community.

As visitors explore The Amazing Castle and its eight themed areas, they are introduced to seven storybook characters. From the carpenter to the seamstress, the blacksmith to the court jester, each character has a special role. Trim, the tailor, represents the multiple facets of textile work, from spinning and weaving to designing cloth garments. Kipper, the Cook, represents the responsibilities of planning, preparing and serving a royal feast to members of the castle community.

From becoming a jester and putting on a show, to helping Herald the Dragon protect the castle, to constructing a bench in the carpenter’s workshop, children’s explorative learning is supported by the exhibit’s design, characters, interactives, costumes and props. The exhibit’s primary goal of strengthening awareness of the interconnectedness of individuals in a community is presented through purposely designed activities.

The Amazing Castle’s timeless lessons and multi-generation appeal, support adult-child engagement and a child’s growth
in 21st century skills laying a foundation for success in life, school and work.