Summer Field Trips – Very Eric Carle

May 20 – September 10, 2023

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar story is about hope.  You, like the little caterpillar, will grow up, unfold your wings and fly off into the future.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                        –Eric Carle

This summer, experience the five “Very” special insects from Eric Carle’s classic book series in a play-and-learn exhibit, as the Upcountry History Museum presents Very Eric Carle: A Very Hungry, Quiet, Lonely, Clumsy, Busy Exhibit. Through interactive learning experiences, visitors become the “tiny and hungry caterpillar,” following his iconic path, They’ll weave a web with the “Very Busy Spider,” find their light with the “Very Lonely Firefly,” make the “Very Clumsy Click Beetle” flip and jump; and compose a night symphony with the “Very Quiet Cricket.”


Guided field trips include an immersive adventure that utilizes Eric Carle’s hand-painted tissue paper collage techniques while incorporating literacy and STEAM learning.

To schedule a visit, please contact Sarah Wright.
Call: 864-467-3100 x102
Email: sarah@upcountryhistory.org